How to Avoid Gambling Addiction

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gambling-addictionThanks to the internet, almost every home on this planet can gamble whenever they want to. And we’re not talking about a poker game with your friends; we are talking about playing real gambling games in casinos. Well, not in real casinos, but in online casinos, but they can be just as addictive as the real ones. This is why people need to learn how to avoid the gambling addiction, but this is hardly easy. Gambling addiction is much like alcohol or drug addiction, and treating it is rather difficult. That is why people need to cut the problem in its bud, and prevent the very appearance of this addiction. And we have a couple of prepositions for people that wish to do so. So, just read this article, and use the things you’ve read here, and the gambling addiction should not be a problem for you.

money_PNG3544One of the most important things when it comes to gambling is the money. The winnings may carry you away to the dark side, and make you think that you are invincible. This will make you spend more and more money on betting, and at the end of the day, you will start losing. This is when you find yourself in a problem, because you’ll try to win the money back by doing more gambling, but in fact, you’ll only be digging yourself deeper and deeper into this problem. This is why you need to know when to quit; we know that this can be pretty hard, but you need to be strong and tell yourself that enough is enough. So, no matter what the streak is and what results you’re getting, you need to be strong enough to quit.

Controlled Betting

Another thing that will help you quit and prevent the addiction is controlled betting. By using this technique, you’ll be forced to quit betting, because you will no longer have any money to bet. This does not have to mean that you’ll lose all the money; it will just mean that you will run out of money to bet. Let’s explain; you ought to set aside a sum of money which you will use for betting, and when you bet all of it, you should not use any of the money you’ve won, and should quit. Put your earnings straight in your wallet, and don’t use it for betting, and when you run out of the money you’ve set aside for betting in the beginning, you will quit playing. It doesn’t matter if you’re neither on the winning streak nor the losing streak; you should just quit.

And finally, you should understand that gambling games are still just games, and you should treat them as such. Of course, these games can bring you money, or force you to lose it, but you should still treat them as games. Do not let them take over you; in fact, you should do just the opposite – take the control over the game! This will help you realize that you can quit, just like you would quit playing basketball or whatever game you play.

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History of Pokies, Slot History and More

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The First Slot Machine

charles_fey_portraitCharles Fey made the first space machine in the USA. It was fairly basic diversion which got to be mainstream rapidly. The diversion created alongside this space machine which was known as the Liberty Bell and it was altogether different from the cutting edge opening machines, however, some regular elements are safeguarded. Freedom Bell was a three reel machine with five sorts of images, four of them spoke to suits of cards and one was a Liberty Bell image, a blend of which ensured a win. The instrument of this diversion was straightforward as soon a few looking like machines showed up in distinctive nations. In Australia spaces, history begins in mid-1900’s when the first opening machine showed up there. This amusement turned out to be exceptionally well known and soon it vanquished hearts of numerous Australian card sharks.

Official Pokies Machine Appearance

1045831417In 1953, Aristocrat, an Australian organization saw that pokies can help them to procure heaps of cash and they approached Joe Heywood for adding to the first authority pokies diversion called the Clubman. Later in 1955 Clubman was supplanted by Clubmaster amusement.

A year after, in 1965, the NSW government legitimized gaming machines just for enlisted clubs. This choice changed the historical backdrop of betting in Australia and even at whatever remains of the world, as beforehand opening machines could be set all around.

Development of Pokies

The decades after 1960 really eased back concerning the inventiveness in the field of pokies machines. All pokies had only one, three or generally five lines with three reels. Contrasted with present day models, big stakes were likewise little and the players’ association was limited to simply pulling the lever and holding up till the reels stop.

The main ever video openings had been acquainted with open in mid-1980’s. Since the Liberty Bell space machine, it was the greatest development in gaming. These computer games offered 5 reels as well as had a number of lines and offered distinctive approaches to winning rewards.

Today on the off chance that you come into any gambling club you will see banks of video pokies which offer distinctive diversion choices. Be that as it may, video poker machines have not been a definitive stride in amusement improvement. Programming for playing openings at Internet showed up around two decades prior and it made space betting accessible for all Internet clients. Because of the fame and wide utilization of Internet, the online pokies are surely understood among the gamers, and also pokies in area gambling clubs.

Eventual fate of Pokies Machines

The eventual fate of space machine industry and pokies players looks encouraging. Of late it has been seen that extra amusements are getting more perplexing and the quantity of reels and lines is expanding for all time. The IGT have dispatched a progression of 6-reel and 20-reel amusements. Pokies will keep on developing in the coming years without a doubt. Furthermore, maybe their development will be joined with the internet betting predominantly.

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Mobile casinos, spin for fun!

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Today we are going to review some of the online casinos developed for mobile platforms. Mobile casinos are always a lot of fun for play because of their diversity in offering various kinds of games.


First of all, there are two kinds of gameplay in mobile casinos

First kind of the gameplay is free game. Free game mode allows you to play game content to certain level or certain games while leaving other parts of it for paid users.5-Steps-to-Successfully-Market-Your-Free-to-Play-Mobile-Game1 Still, you can have a lot of fun on free games and usually your credit balance is restored by certain amount of points every day.

But, real fun starts when you dump some money in it and start to play. Every mobile pokies casino gives first time deposit bonus, which can vary from site to site, but there are usually very generous and g up to three times much as value of deposit. Usually, they also give the free spins on roulette, number of points and other stuff, such as higher player rating. Also, if you are met with term “welcome bonus” that is basically same thing as first deposit bonus so you don’t get confused.

So, you made your first deposit and received bonus for it, so now what?

Now you enter the world of casinos and explore. Variety of the games that are offered vary from site to sitebut standard roster of games  consists of  different variations of blackjack, roulette, scratch cards, slots bingo and so on and on.


Slots are usually a world for itself and they come in large variations. They are based upon a various movies, TV shows, video games and general themes such as Lost Treasure, Pirate Island and others.

As for blackjack, it is a simple card game in which goal is to draw cards and whoever gets closer to number 21 is winner. This game has few variations but they are usually consisted of various betting options, such as double bet, split and others.

spinpalace-rouletteRoulette is also one of the standard offers and there is no mobile casino that is without it in its roster of games. First deposit bonuses are usually tied to roulette as they offer a large number of free spinsas most players spend most of the time here. Roulette is party guaranteed and it is where the most of your time will go in nay mobile casino. Rules of playing are quite simple as you place money on 1 to 36 numbered field. You also have option on betting red and black and also you can bet on constellation of numbers as well as you can multiply bet on other numbers. Then computer spins the ball and you wait to see where is going to settle. Quite easy and that is exactly a reason why is so popular for centuries.

Mobile casino will give you hours of fun, no matter if you play free or money game, but to be frank, more fun is to play for real money and also more exciting.

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